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cat boarding requirements

Indoor Cats

We only accept indoor cats for boarding with us. 


We accept cats aged above 8 weeks of age for boarding.


In accordance with the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA), all cats lodging at any XMMO Hotel must possess a valid F3 vaccination for the entire duration of their reservation. If the cat is unvaccinated or requires a booster shot, the course of vaccination must be completed at least 2 weeks before the date of boarding.

Kittens above 8 weeks of age at admission must have received at least 1 vaccination shot covering the duration of stay.

Adult cats must have received the full course of vaccination shots, with the most recent vaccination covering the duration of stay, or have a valid titer antibody blood test result displaying sufficient antibodies of the F3 vaccine. 

If your cat is ineligible for vaccination, a veterinarian’s note stating the reason for exclusion from the vaccination schedule must be submitted. It must certify your cat fit for boarding for the duration of your cat’s stay.


If your cat is above 8 months of age of displaying signs of sexual maturity (ie. marking, spraying), it must be sterilized.


These include, but are not limited to fleas, ticks, ear and fur mites, ringworm, coccidia and giardia. You are required to apply a pipette of spot-on parasite treatment for your cat before check-in. Accepted brands include Advocate, Broadline, Frontline, Revolution and Revolution Plus. 

Health Status

Your cat should be free of illness and injury at the point of check-in. If your cat has recently recovered from illness and/or injury (ie. within the past 30 days), you should obtain a written note from your preferred veterinarian to certify your cat is fit to board at XMMO.

Boarding Forms

Prior to check-in, you are required to agree to our Master Boarding Agreement and provide information about your cat to us, disclosing your cat’s health status, feeding instructions, veterinary documents etc. 

Acceptance of Veterinarian written note

In some cases, we may accept a written note issued by a Veterinarian, superceding our Boarding Requirements, thereby declaring the cat to be suitable to enter a shared cat boarding facility. These scenarios include:

  • The cat being unsuitable to receive a vaccination or booster shot for health/age-related reasons

  • The cat having just recovered from an illness, bacterial, viral or fungal infection (etc. ringworm)

  • The cat having just recovered from a parasite infestation (etc. fleas, ticks, mites)

  • The cat develops skin allergic to topical spot-on preventives (etc. Frontline, Revolution)

Special consideration for kittens

A kitten shall be defined as any cat below 12 months of age.

Kittens below the age of 4 months are often very active, happy to explore new environments and socialble! However, because of their young age, they are prone to falling ill more easily as compared to adult cats.

We always recommend that clients with kittens (defined as below 12 months of age) complete a full vaccination schedule prior to entering our facilities. This can be done at your local veterinarian when they are of:

  1. 8 weeks of age

  2. 12 weeks of age

  3. 16 weeks of age

If your kitten is unable to produce proof of completion of its vaccinations, your veterinarian must provide a written note stating that it is suitable for boarding despite the incomplete vaccination course. Our caretakers may advise that they are confined in their cabins for the duration of their stay for their own  health and safety.

Special consideration for senior/geriatric cats

A senior cat shall be defined as any cat above 12 years of age.

Some senior or geriatric cats may have lived most of their lives indoors. At trips to the vet, your veterinarian may have recommended against vaccinating your senior cat.

For senior cats whose veterinarians do not recommend vaccination booster shots, we are happy to accept a written note declaring that your cat is suitable for boarding and compliant with our terms of stay.

cat boarding

Service Terms and Conditions

Disclosure of Information

XMMO and staffs are not trained veterinary staff. You understand that we are not qualified to interpret medical test results, diagnose cats in our care, or make assumptions regarding their health status unless certified otherwise by a licensed veterinarian and/or as disclosed in writing via the Pet Assessment Form.

Acceptance of Risk

You understand that bacteria, virus, fungus and parasites can go undetected in cats that do not show signs of active infection or illness, and that it is impossible to rule out the possibility of your cat possessing allergies, underlying, chronic or long-term conditions that remain undiagnosed. While we do our best to ensure the utmost cleanliness of our facility, in engaging our services, you acknowledge that animals are unpredictable and that there is a possibility of death, injury, sickness or illness to the cat, or to another animal or person. 

Therefore, as in respect of the services we provide, you waive and release XMMO and its staffs from any and all claims, actions, damages or liability for injury, death, sickness or illness suffered by the cat while in the care of the Company or otherwise relating to the care, control, health and/or safety of the cat arising from pick up, transport, drop off and/or stay at or use of our facilities.

Illness During Boarding

If at any time your pet is found to be ridden with parasites, illness, injury or disease, it will be confined to its lodging premise for treatment. If the condition is determined to be infectious in nature, your pet will have to be relocated, or returned to the owner or the appointed agent.

Medical Treatment During Boarding

In the event that your pet should require medical treatment while in our care, we shall request that you allow our caretakers to a) save your pet at all costs, b) provide medical treatment within a specific budget, or c) do not provide the pet with any medical attention. 

All expenses incurred by your pet, including but not limited to transportation costs, grooming and veterinary bills must be paid in full or reimbursed at checkout. Service fees may also apply.

Modification, Cancellation and Refunds

What if I need to amend or cancel my reservation?

Please contact our team for modifications or cancellations pertaining to your reservation. Your request must be received at least 48 hours prior to boarding beginning, for the following policies to apply. Modifications can be made free of charge, subject to availability. 

For cancellations, the amount paid will be made available in the form of hotel credits for rebooking on a subsequent stay. A cash refund request will incur a processing fee of 10% on the booking amount paid, with the funds reversed to you within 7 working days.

Can I get a refund if I need to shorten my cat’s stay?

We do not provide refunds (by way of cash or hotel credits) for unstayed days within a reservation.

I need to cancel a stay that falls on a blackout date. Am I eligible?

Reservations on Blackout Dates are strictly non-refundable and non-modifiable.

May I extend my cat’s stay?

If your cat is already lodging at XMMO, please contact our caretakers directly to assist with your extension request.  If your stay has yet to commence, please contact us to make change. 

Refund Policy

We maintain the following policy on refunds for reservations if a modification or cancellation request is received minimally 48 hours prior to the reservation commencing:

  1. Charges/deposit will be refunded in the form of hotel credits for use on a subsequent stay; or,

  2. Charges/deposit will be refunded in full less a 10% processing fee (based on the total amount paid)

Reservations cancelled within (48) hours of the Pet’s date of check-in shall not be refunded.

Reservations falling on Blackout dates are strictly non-refundable.

Abandonment of Cat

The Hotel will attempt to contact the owner or the Responsible Party by telephone and/or in writing using the information provided with the following advice:

  • If the pet is not picked up within a reasonable time frame, it will be deemed to be abandoned 

  • The pet may be surrendered to the relevant authorities or re-homed at the Company’s discretion

  • The owner may lose ownership of the pet

In this case, the Company is released from further liability and responsibility for the pet, and the owner remains liable to the Hotel for all unpaid charges.


The Owner agrees to allow the Company to use the Pet’s name and any images or likeness of his or her pet taken while the pet is at the Company facility, in any form or format, for use, at any time, in any media, marketing, advertising, illustration, trade or promotional materials.

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