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reinventing cat boarding

Mingle & Play


What sets us apart is our Mingle & Play socialising approach. At XMMO, we believe in social well-being of cats. This unique activity encourages socialization under our supervision. While other catteries keep cats enclosed, we allow supervised play and mingling, promoting a more sociable and happy environment. Stress won't be forced—only gradual, delightful interactions each day.

We Cook,

Cats eat and love it

Our commitment extends to the kitchen, where we cook nutritious meals ranging from chicken to lobster recipes. Trusted brands like Ziwi Peak and Zealandia ensure a grain-free, healthy diet. We understand the importance of flexible feeding hours and constant human companionship. Our feeding times are strategically spaced, preventing long periods of hunger. Unlike conventional catteries, we ensure your cat is fed at their last meal/snack between 7-9 PM, preventing a long wait until morning.

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