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what make our cat boarding special

Reinventing Cat Care

home-based cat boarding

At XMMO, we've set out to revolutionize the cat care experience by crafting a home-based environment that truly mirrors the coziness and serenity of home. Unlike traditional catteries, our setting is designed to be a quiet, peaceful space that reduces stress for our feline guests. Cats are highly sensitive creatures, and every detail matters. From the gentle ambiance to the cozy vibes and soothing music, XMMO's atmosphere is curated to create an inviting and calming space for your cherished pets. It's not just a boarding facility; it's a home-away-from-home where cats can truly relax and feel at ease.

grooming & spa

Tired of receiving matted and oddly scented cats back from catteries? So were we. That's why at XMMO, our in-house grooming facility is a game-changer. Our dedicated team ensures that every cat receives daily brushing and grooming, eliminating the stress of returning to a matted furball. And to take pampering to the next level, we offer a unique "room service" option. You can book a spa session for your cat or enjoy a complimentary spa treatment for stays exceeding four weeks. Your cat will not only return home refreshed but smelling as fresh as a daisy. At XMMO, we're redefining cat care—one relaxed and beautifully groomed cat at a time

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